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Geraint Thomas Earns Yellow Jersey

Geraint Thomas of Team Sky has won the latest stage of the Tour de France, pushing him ahead to the leader position of the pack. The lead, which was a tie between Chris Froome and Thomas, both who are in Team Sky, has now been decided as Thomas earns his ….

France Beats Croatia In World Cup Final

French fans went wild after their team beat Croatia at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The victory is the second win for the French team in the World Cup, and their latest game against Croatia that saw the French walk away with 4-2 was one of the most entertaining matches ….

F1 Team Williams Admits To Design Failure

Williams, a Formula 1 team participating in this year’s British Grand Prix at Silverstone has admitted that a failed design led to the catastrophic aerodynamic stalls that their cars suffered in the Grand Prix. The failure came after Williams attempted to install a new rear wing into their car, but ….

Stage Winner Gaviria Says He’s Representing Colombia

Fernando Gaviria from Colombia has claimed victory in the fourth stage of the Tour de France after a brunch sprint took him to the front of the pack. The win is the second success for the Colombian rider after his victory at the event’s opening race. The 23-year-old, who is ….

Nadal Sees First Wimbledon Quarters In Seven Years

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are both closing in on the Wimbledon final as the international event winds down to the last few matches. The two have seen some of their strongest seasons yet, and have moved into the last eight. Federer’s match against French Adrian Mannarino lasted just 16 ….

British Grand Prix Future In Jeopardy

There have been some rumours that the British Grand Prix, which is held every year at world-renown track, Silverstone, might be closed down in 2019. There have been reports that Formula 1 and Silverstone have been in talks regarding the future of the Grand Prix, and whether there is a ….

Sergio Ramos Explains Spain’s Early Departure

There have been many unforgettable moments in the FIFA World Cup this year, but few stunned the audience more than seeing Spain leaving the event altogether. The team left The World Cup during round 16, and Sergio Ramos has come forward to explain why the team decided to pull out. ….

Chris Froome Allowed To Stay in Tour de France

British cyclist Chris Froome has been given the go-ahead to stay in the race thanks to Tour de France officials. This comes after news that Froome was originally banned from the event after some issues with alleged doping, specifically of a drug primarily used to treat chronic asthma. Director of ….

State of Origin Advertisement Battle

There has been some controversy over advertisement between two large, well-known Australian beer brewers, both who have wanted to represent their products at State of Origin. It has been revealed that after a lengthy Federal Court injunction, Carlton United Breweries was forced to pull all of its State of Origin ….

BMC Leader Richie Porte Backed By Powerful Team

Ahead of the Tour De France, BMC leader Richie Porter has made it known that he intends to go for victory in the event, and his confidence is bolstered by a strong team that will help him see his dream come true. The Australian rider has a mixed team of ….