Mayweather McGregor Drama

July 18, 2017 by

Press Tour Dubbed Nothing But Overpriced Circus

Profanity, homophobia, smacks of racism and general obnoxious and socially unacceptable behaviour seem to be the wheels that have been driving the machine that is Mayweather-McGregor, in the run up to what many deem to be the fight of the century on August 26.

None of the hoo-ha, colourful profanities or testosterone-fuelled antics will have any realistic effect on the outcome of the fight – one that will be governed by the rules of Boxing.  The sum total of the worth of the promotional tour seems to be the hilarity of the memes that have gone viral on social media.

The press and fans alike have dubbed the tour as being nothing short of a circus and marketing gimmick.  Be that as it may – the ghastly behaviour may prove to boost sales even further, as both McGregor and Mayweather have been acting it up in exactly in the way that was expected of them: McGregor the loud-mouthed racist and Mayweather the fatally insecure.

Mayweather truly put his insecurities on public display by wearing none other than a pair of platform trainers to the New York press conference staged in Brooklyn, in a vain attempt to appear taller.  McGregor took notice – and so did all of fashion-driven America.

Mayweather was obviously hoping for a psychological advantage over rival Connor McGregor – with McGregor towering over Mayweather by an inch.  Mayweather must have been hoping that neither McGregor nor the crowd would notice the subtle scheme – but given the record thus far, should have known better.  McGregor has been zoning in on Mayweather’s failure to keep in good standing with the IRS at every press conference thus far – what were the chances of him not honking it out over a pair of platform shoes?

Running The Scope Of Prejudice

Mayweather lashed out at McGregor’s racism stints during the London tour, accusing the Irishman of referring to black people as being dancing monkeys – all the while showing his true intolerant, homophobic self by referring to McGregor as being a very crude and derogatory term used for the opposite of a heterosexual male.

When interviewed by the press, Mayweather claimed to be truly offended by McGregor having disrespected the mother of his (Mayweather’s) daughter, by referring to black people as monkeys.

Mayweather, known for his self-righteous demeanour and dodgy nature, failed to revisit or account for his own homophobic statements.

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