No More Sparring For Malignaggie

August 9, 2017 by

Paulie Takes A Step Back

Just when you think that it can’t possibly get any more ridiculous – it does.  Such is the nature of the spectacle that is Mayweather-McGregor.  Former welterweight champion Paulie Malignaggie this week took extreme exception to a series of photographs posted on social media by Connor McGregor.

The photographs suggested that McGregor had in fact knocked out Malignaggie during a sparring session – a visual allegation strongly denied by Malignaggie and labelled as misleading.  Malignaggie made the rather dramatic decision of cutting all ties with McGregor as a result, accusing the Irishman of moving in exactly this direction on purpose.

The Magic Man however went on to betray all notions of self-righteous justification by reneging on an earlier very public commitment not to reveal any details of his time or sessions with McGregor, accusing the MMA champion of wailing like a girl when in any form of physical discomfort or pain.  Malignaggie went further, icing the already incredible cake by heaping on even more unbelievable trimmings, by announcing to all who had ears to hear that McGregor had in fact failed to pitch at their last sparring session after having experienced a whipping during the duo’s last encounter.

McGregor responded by eating apparent humble pie; saying that Malignaggie deserved respect for having stuck around as long as he did.

Malignaggie labelled his intention to assist McGregor in pre-fight preparations, a mistake.

Mayweather On Show

40 year old Floyd Mayweather meanwhile chose to show the world that he still had the body of a young man – flexing and re-flexing his muscles at a beach party in Vegas.

The billion dollar fight of the century is less than twenty days away – and the undefeated world champion certainly looks in good enough shape to take on the arrogant – and if Malignaggie’s word is anything to go by, unteachable – Irish underdog.

Word Still Out On Undercards

In practical (read: real) news, despite the big fight being just around the corner, the undercard is yet to be announced.  Many are rumoured to be on the bill – mostly due to close connections with Mayweather – but no official announcements have been made to date.

What the polls have however shown is that the Irishman may arguably be the biggest star in UFC history so far, catapulting the UFC’s previously questionable profile to dizzying heights – but that hasn’t made him the fight-favourite by a long shot.

Mayweather remains the people’s choice for August 26.

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