Time Drawing Near For The Money Fight

August 22, 2017 by

All Hype, No Substance to the Money Fight?

When concerns were first voiced that tickets were not selling as they had been expected to – a couple of weeks ago – event organisers put it down to “all in good time”.  However, “all in good time” is now the present time, with less than a week to go until what has been promoted all along as the fight of the century.

The last couple of months have seen a media frenzy the likes of which a super-match and dream match-up such as this has not seen before.  A pre-fight press conference, memes and video skits going viral and reality television buying in on the idea – this has all been part of the hype leading up to the August 26 fight.

However, ticket sales are telling a very different and rather worrying story.  When considering that a few weeks ahead of different dream fight – Floyd Mayweather Jr vs. Manny Pacquiao – the cheapest available ticket would have set you back a cool $4,000, the $1,500 price tag for a Mayweather/McGregor seat almost seems like an insult.

To add insult to injury, ticket prices are bound to fall even more, especially given the fact that there are still in excess of 1,500 tickets available.  The majority of fans travelling to Nevada will not even bother buying a ticket securing a seat in the arena – but instead will opt for a general admission ticket allowing for a closed circuit view of the fight, in some instances costing no more than a measly $60.

What Does This Mean For Boxing?

Boxing has been feeling the brunt of harsh economies leading to dwindling viewership’s – long before the Mayweather/McGregor brawl was announced.  In fact, the money fight sought to correct this very problem.  Fans have taken to more diverse combat sports, such as Mixed Martial Arts.  Which was why Mayweather/McGregor seemed like the ultimate fix.

Organisers were faced with a cold, hard fact: Boxing had lost its punch.  Fans wanted blood, sweat and hard contact.  Boxing had become all strategy, planning and technique – in a way robbing the sport of all excitement and that “anything can happen” factor.

The people reacted and voiced their opinions – as modern day people do – mainly by means of blogs and social media.  The opinions raised on these platforms seemed unanimous: fans wanted more hard-core action and had come to view boxing as a sport that had fallen into the “sissy” category.

The final week ahead of the fight expected to right all Boxing wrongs is upon us, and the last couple of days leading up to the event of the century are bound to be defining ones indeed.

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