Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton Dominates Hungarian GP

Lewis Hamilton, driving for Mercedes, has won the 2018 Hungarian Grand Prix, and in doing so has increased his championship lead by 24 points, pushing him closer to a fifth world title. Hamilton’s victory saw him cross the finish line 17.123 seconds ahead of long-time rival and Ferrari driver Sebastian ….

Lewis Hamilton Feeling Greater Pressure Than Ever

Famous Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has told reporters that he has been feeling the pressure ahead of his fight with Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel, which is to take place at the Hungarian Grand Prix. At the moment, Hamilton is 17 points ahead of Vettel after his win at the Germany Grand ….

Mercedes’ Thoughts On Grand Prix

Team Mercedes have told reporters that they are aware their main competitors Ferrari are looking to improve their performances on the track in the Hungarian Grand Prix. The team has also admitted that they may struggle with upcoming races. Lewis Hamilton took the lead in the last events that took ….

F1 Team Williams Admits To Design Failure

Williams, a Formula 1 team participating in this year’s British Grand Prix at Silverstone has admitted that a failed design led to the catastrophic aerodynamic stalls that their cars suffered in the Grand Prix. The failure came after Williams attempted to install a new rear wing into their car, but ….

British Grand Prix Future In Jeopardy

There have been some rumours that the British Grand Prix, which is held every year at world-renown track, Silverstone, might be closed down in 2019. There have been reports that Formula 1 and Silverstone have been in talks regarding the future of the Grand Prix, and whether there is a ….

The F1 Has Been Asked Not To Change Pit-Stop Procedures

With the Chinese F1 Grand Prix looming on the horizon, many begun to decry the recent potential plans to change how pit-stop procedures work. Charlie Whiting, sport race director of the F1 confirmed that the governing body of the F1 are looking into the issues that have been associated some ….

No More Grid Girls For Formula 1

Formula 1: No More Grid Girls The new Formula 1 season officially gets underway on March 25th. It will all be there: the cars, the pits, the adrenaline. Everything but the grid girls. Word started to spread in December already, when F1 MD of motorsports, Ross Brawn, revealed on air ….

Aston Martin Expected To Join F1

Aston Martin Most Likely To Join Formula 1 British supercars manufacturer Aston Martin has announced that it will in all likelihood be joining up with Formula 1 as from 2021.  This after the announcement by F1 bosses of the proposed changes to engines in order to make it more affordable ….

Changes Ahead For Formula One

Liberty And The Future Of Formula One It’s been an exciting Formula 1 season for sure.  Many would say a slightly un-climatic final at Abu Dhabi, but close calls and breath taking corner passes aren’t planned for.  Now that the season has drawn to a close, the focus is very ….

Bottas Smashes Qualifier And F1 Final

Bottas Beats Hamilton To Abu Dhabi Victory It’s a wrap: Valtteri Bottas owns Abu Dhabi.  Bottas, who had beaten Hamilton to pole position by smashing the clock during the qualifier, drove a structured and impressive weekend, a strategy that ultimately saw him winning the 2017 Formula 1 season finale on ….