Aston Martin Expected To Join F1

December 4, 2017 by

Aston Martin Most Likely To Join Formula 1

British supercars manufacturer Aston Martin has announced that it will in all likelihood be joining up with Formula 1 as from 2021.  This after the announcement by F1 bosses of the proposed changes to engines in order to make it more affordable for these to be manufactured.  The very purpose of the announcement and proposed changes is so that more manufacturers are able to join the sport.  This has not been met with open arms all round, especially not from the ranks of Ferrari and Mercedes.  Ferrari has described the proposed move as one that would in all likelihood turn Formula 1 into something that resembles global NASCAR.  The manufacturer has also indicated that if this should be the case, it would not hesitate to leave the sport altogether.

Aston Martin boss Andy Palmer has said that the idea to join the sport had gone from merely an idea, from a possible proposition to Aston Martin’s board to a probable one.  Palmer welcomed the proposed changes especially to the manufacturing rules of Formula 1, saying that the current situation would only serve to keep on annoying the general public and eventually alienate them altogether.

Palmer said that the intention behind joining the world of F1 was to expand Aston Martin’s range of road cars, in other words, to use Formula 1 racing as a marketing directive and tool.  He was quick to add that Aston Martin was working in co-operation with Red Bull in trying to apply the necessary pressure for the engine rules to be changed.   Red Bull is also firmly in support of the proposed changes to the rules.

Putting The Driver Back In The Driving Seat

Palmer said that for him personally, as for many others, it’s a matter of putting the driver back in centre stage.  Formula 1 had become more about the size and price of the supercharger that has been fitted to the car than the human factor and expertise of the driver driving the car.

Palmer also voiced what so many fans have been trying to express for the last couple of years, that the sheer technology of it all was slowly robbing the sport of all passion.

After all, Formula 1 has never been solely and exclusively all about the engine, and that’s certainly not why we fell in love with racing in the first place.

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