Changes Ahead For Formula One

November 30, 2017 by

Liberty And The Future Of Formula One

It’s been an exciting Formula 1 season for sure.  Many would say a slightly un-climatic final at Abu Dhabi, but close calls and breath taking corner passes aren’t planned for.  Now that the season has drawn to a close, the focus is very much on the future of F1 once more; and no one is more focused than Formula 1 boss Ross Brawn.

No better time like the present either, as the future of Formula 1 is a hot topic especially after the engine plans that were outlined last month by F1’s new owners, Liberty.  The plans were met with vehement resistance, especially from Ferrari, who have gone as far as to threaten to quit F1 altogether if Liberty were to go ahead as planned after 2020.

Ferrari weren’t the only ones pushing back at Liberty and Ross Brawn’s plans.  Mercedes too, joined in.  Not one to be dissuaded easily though, Brawn seems to be raging ahead unperturbed.  His plan is concise and clear: to make F1 more exciting by making the cars racier, louder and the events more accommodating to fans.

Liberty has announced that the specific proposals and plans for making the cars more aerodynamic will be revealed next month.  Besides the plans to increase the overall sensation-factor of the cars, Brawn has also announced that a plan of action will be put into place in an attempt to curb the dirty air handicap that commonly plagues any car coming in too close to another car from behind.  A necessary move on the track.

Ferrari: More Formula One, Less NASCAR

Ferrari’s objections to Liberty’s proposals are clear and specific: turn F1 into global NASCAR, and watch us walking away.  Brawn, however, is adamant that the proposed changes are necessary if the sport is to remain relevant and attractive to supporters.

Brawn also warned that fans would become bored if one team or manufacturer were to become dominant, taking the lead every single time.  He said that it should be a case of true competition, and not a case of the winner being the team with the biggest budget.

To this end, Brawn has committed to working on the task of reducing the costs involved with the new V6 hybrid power units, as well as out-sourcing the manufacturing of the units to independent contractors who are able to incorporate the necessary technology to make the new engines more noisy.

Because as any F1 fan will tell you: the noise is part of the package.

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