2017 Champions Money List Controversy

July 29, 2017 by

Langer Lashes Out At Accusations Being A Cheat

Bernhard Langer, current king of the 2017 Championships Money List, has reacted harshly on the back of being accused of anchoring in order to gain an unfair advantage, saying that it was in his opinion merely a matter of jealousy that had the tongues wagging.  The accusations could not have been voiced at a worst time – just ahead of the 2017 Senior Open.

The act of anchoring the ball is prohibited, and involves resting the club against any part of the body whilst leaning into it when putting.  This creates an anchor effect and the putt is no longer controlled by the swinging action, but instead is supported by the part of the body that the club is leaning into.

Langer has been an exceptional golfer in terms of overall earnings, and has won nine senior major titles do date.  The controversy revolves around the 59 year olds signature broom-handled putter.  Langer did not seem to have a solid explanation for why he deemed the accusations to be unfounded and unfair, stating simply that he was a man of integrity and that he had no reason to cheat.

Opinions are largely divided as to whether the broom-handled putter is in essence anchoring, or not.  Fellow senior golfer John Daly said that in his opinion, the problem lay in the fact that the rule was formulated in a vague way – not offering any clarity this way or that.

Langer argued and refuted this as well – not wanting to even concede to the possibility that his playing style might be bordering on the unlawful.

The German went on to say that golf was intended to be a positive game, and that people (who he refused to name, but obviously had in mind) were being unnecessarily negative – most probably due to being envious of his (Langer’s) unprecedented success.

Adding Insult To Injury

Speaking to the press, Langer seemed truly offended, saying that the wrongful accusations had marred  what he considered to be one of the best seasons of his golfing career.  It certainly does not aid his cause that a number of the “wagging tongues” slating his technique, are in fact, industry experts.

Respected golf channel analyst Brandel Chamblee referred to the stroke as being appalling and a blatant disregard for the true spirit of the game.  Former Australian professional golfer Mark Allen alluded specifically to the fact that Langer had earned in excess of one and a half million pounds in 2017 alone.

The verdict is certainly still out on this one – only time will tell whether Langer will retain 1st place on the 2017 Championships Money List.

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