Sally Fitzgibbons Eliminated From WSL title

December 3, 2017 by

Surprise Elimination in WSL

In a surprising, if not shocking, turn of events, Aussie pro-surfer Sally Fitzgibbons’ hopes of attaining the surfing world championship title now hangs in the balance after her having been eliminated from the season final in Maui, Hawaii.  Fitzgibbons was knocked out of the competition during the second round of the final by a local wildcard entry from Hawaii, Brisa Hennesey.

Sally Fitzgibbons is a three times surfing world champion runner up and was eagerly looking forward to her maiden world title this year.  Fitzgibbons will now need alternative results to fall into place in order for her to remain in the running for the coveted title.

Fitzgibbons had been the world number 1 heading into the event, but had had a poor last out of three opening round, falling in line behind Silvana Lama and local Brisa Hennesey.  Young local Hennesey then performed well above everyone’s wildest expectations in the second round eliminations, with Fitzgibbons ultimately eliminated from the round.

Hennesey scored a tally of 8.50 en route to a two-wave total of 11.83, effectively beating Fitzgibbons by 5.16 points overall.

Still In The Game

Tyler Wright, the defending world champion, still has hopes of going for the title.  Wright will be claiming the title if she finishes in a fifth or better place.  Two-time runner up Courtney Conlogue has to reach the semi-final rounds in order to do the same.

Six-time world champion Stephanie Gilmore and three-time world champion Carissa Moore are each still in the running for the world championship title too, providing that they win the season finale in Hawaii.

Tyler Wright, Courtney Conlogue and Carissa Moore have all managed to pass safely into round 3 of the final championship event after winning their opening round heats.

A New Day

Fitzgibbons may have had a disappointing day of it, and disappointed too, but the Hawaiian swell most certainly didn’t, delivering four to six foot rise for the surfers to prove their prowess.  Ironically enough, the swell died down after the young local’s performance, ultimately not awarding Fitzgibbons the type of rise that would be required in order to challenge young Hennesey’s performance.

Fitzgibbons was obviously disappointed at the turn of events, saying that all that was left to do was to just sit and stare at the water and wait for that surprise wave to come along.  But of course, it wasn’t the movies, and it never did.

She went on to say that she had been committed and had given her best this year.  It now seems that this just wasn’t good enough.

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